December2 2019

Below are a selection of photos taken on our site.  They are always more popular than words

I know many of our visitors take great photos and I would love you to email them so they can be made into a blog together with an explanation of where they were taken.  They would need to be of the cottages, site or the area.  Covering a walk would be great, things to see, places to eat etc. The ideal are multiples of three photos plus text.


Due to changes in how to get internet coverage for websites we are finding less new visitors viewing and so less bookings.

We are determined to avoid blind booking and like to speak or email prospective visitors prior to the booking.

We have so many fantastic regulars we do  not want to introduce click and book.  Our method has worked for the last 54 years !!!!


Just to keep you busy there is also a review page where you can leave a few words about your visit.  

A busy time I know but thanks in advance 

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