November 2017

Sunset over garden

The picture is of a sunset taken last week  over our garden.  Still busy in the garden I am attempting to tidy up before the winter.  I am so pleased that wild life gardening is popular !

Last week we had 15 pheasants pecking away at our lawn having already feasted on fallen apples and emerging bulbs.  They have a lovely time.  

The river has been high and brought down lots of sand.  It is interesting to look at the footprints made by birds and animals.  Wish I was better at recognising who the visitors are.  There are geese and ducks a plenty.

We already have well over 60 weeks booked for 2018 of which only 6 are new visitors.  All the others are regulars to who we extend a very sincere thank you. We look forward to your visits.

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