May 2019

One of our many wild flowers
One of our many wild flowers

Having been busy gardening and discovering new plants the Blog, as usual, has become neglected.  I do keep up to date on Wraycroft Cottage Facebook page and also Pinterest.  If I have good photos that is where they are to be found. 

Still some vacancies but gradually getting booked.  We are very reliant on loyal customers returning year by year  but also pleased to welcome quite a few new folks this year.

The village is extra busy with the annual Swaledale Festival which runs for two weeks.  This is immediately followed by the Swaledale Marathon which is not an event for the fainthearted ! Join in or just enjoy the peace of our two acre site bounded by the river.

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    Mike Quinn (Sunday, 02 June 2019)

    That's a lovely photo, Ray.

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    Ray (Sunday, 02 June 2019 20:34)

    Thanks for looking at the Blog. Yes I am so happy in the garden and at present tackling the forest and ponds. Beats housework any day !