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 Clearing the sloping access to the River at the bottom of the garden.  The footprints are visible in the fresh mud brought down by the frequent floods.  The seat to the right is also in need of clearing.  The soil is washed down from the Swing Bridge area where the River is making inroads into the riverbank.


At the other side of the field there are stone steps to the river and a long wall which acts as good seating


 The view over our famous ponds.  Teeming with wild life it is a lovely peaceful spot to sit and let the world go by.  The water from our roofs goes underground, into an open trough which mechanically filters out debris  and then into the top pond.  When this pond is full the water overflows into the larger bottom pond.  From there it goes underground into the forest.  There has certainly been plenty of overflow this summer and winter

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  • #1

    Mike Quinn (Monday, 09 December 2019 20:29)

    Another set of great photos. Many a time we have sat on your wall next to the river watching the lovely views - with a pint in hand, of course!

  • #2

    Ray (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 09:11)

    Thanks for comment. The wall has been underwater for much of the last few months. It would be a watery beer !!