February 23rd

Mahonia Bushes at their best
Mahonia Bushes at their best

The Mahonia bushes are scattered around the grounds and are splendid this year.  The snowdrops have multiplied and are becoming a real feature.  Has anyone any tips on keeping aconites happy ?  Each year I plant more and next Spring they have failed to reappear.  Our soil is alkaline and some plants survive well on the patios by placing gravel and pebbles over the soil.  We do have in the teens of pheasants routing about so maybe they are the culprits.  Wherever the aconites are planted they fail to flourish.  Bluebells, snowdrops and daffodils are no problem

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    Keith Scott (Monday, 17 April 2017 13:22)

    I wish I knew the answer. My aconite usually survive for two years and vanish. I have a new pot ready to plant so will cover with wire mesh as we have no pheasants but loads of squirrels!