19. November 2021
A stunning sunrise taken from the garden looking down the dale. Worth getting up for

Our river 12th January with lovely blue sky.  Stay a while
18. January 2021

18. November 2020

orm Ciara and River at bottom of garden
11. February 2020
Sunday we had yet another flood this time caused by Storm Ciara. Fortunately not as severe as the one in August and so nowhere near as much damage to infrastructure. The road at Grinton was closed for a few hours and the Bike shop had water damage (opened next day due to help of community) This is the picture at the bottom of our garden

08. December 2019
Clearing the sloping access to the River at the bottom of the garden. The footprints are visible in the fresh mud brought down by the frequent floods. The seat to the right is also in need of clearing. The soil is washed down from the Swing Bridge area where the River is making inroads into the riverbank. At the other side of the field there are stone steps to the river and a long wall which acts as good seating

08. December 2019
Above are a selection of photos taken on our site. They are always more popular than words I know many of our visitors take great photos and I would love you to email them so they can be made into a blog together with an explanation of where they were taken. They would need to be of the cottages, site or the area. Covering a walk would be great, things to see, places to eat etc. The ideal are multiples of three photos plus text. Due to changes in how to get internet coverage for websites we a

07. December 2019
Taken on the High Row at Reeth. Fireworks will be held again on the evening of January 1st 2020. An attraction that draws many visitors and locals alike. The year has been overshadowed by the sudden flood in Summer which destroyed so much of the landscape and flooded homes and business. What was really heart warming was the community spirit with people giving freely of their time and money. Some locals are still not able to return to their properties but progress is being made. Let us carry th

27. July 2019
Working hard to keep up with the garden growth

28. May 2019
I have been so busy gardening and discovering new plants so as usual the Blog has become neglected. I do keep up to date on Wraycroft Cottage Facebook page and also Pinterest which is good. If I have good photos that is where they are to be found. Still some vacancies but gradually getting booked. Still very reliant on loyal customers who return year by year but welcome 12 new folks this year

15. December 2018
Wishing all our present and past visitors a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. The Dale is splendid in the winter sun. The Dale Trail from Grinton to Keld is fantastic and being enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. It can be joined at Swing Bridge Reeth

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